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TrafficQuota is a bandwidth and quota management solution for Microsoft ISA Server 2004/2006 or Microsoft TMG 2010. With TrafficQuota you can restrict user’s access to the Internet depending on a volume of downloaded or uploaded data, define a maximum bandwidth (speed) consumed by user, view traffic usage statistics using various reports.

For example, user 'John' is allowed to download 500 MB a month, and after this he is denied access to the Internet. User 'Jane' is assigned a quote of 10 MB per day; if she goes over the 10 MB limit, she is denied further access to the Internet on that day.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Microsoft ISA Server 2004/2006 and Microsoft TMG 2010 Standard/Enterprise.

  • Supports ISA Server or TMG arrays.

  • Supports Active Directory.

  • Supports Proxy, Firewall and SecureNAT clients.

  • Reliable and fast in the networks with thousands and tens of thousands of users.

  • Consumes low CPU and memory resources.

  • Effective usage of multiple processors.

  • Controls all possible protocols (not http/ftp only).

  • Closely integrated with ISA Management console.

  • Remote management.

  • Bandwidth shaping (possibility to set speed limits for users and computers).

  • Quotas and bandwidth rules can be set for users, groups, computers and computer sets.

  • Possibility to set daily, weekly and monthly quotas simultaneously.

  • Powerful report system with full-featured visual designer, export to HTML/RTF/PDF formats, etc.

  • Real-time web statistics.

  • Terminates user's connections immediately when traffic exceeds a quota.

  • The user is notified when his/her traffic exceeds a quota.

  • Supports NTLM, Kerberos and Basic authentication for a web statistics pages.

  • Reports and web statistics can be displayed on different languages (English and Russian translations included).

  • Contains a lot of predefined reports.